Tudor Black Bay 41

Review Tudor Black Bay 41: the all rounder that everybody needs

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Tudor Black Bay 41 is one of those all-rounders that everyone likes. Available in several sizes and dial colour variations, the watch is easily recognisable due to its distinct nice look. It also comes in a price range that makes it accessible for a wider audience. Plus, the classic, neutral look, makes it excellent for her and him, even as a shared watch. That is why I decided to have a more close look at it – Tudor Black Bay 41 Ref. M79540-0004.

Tudor Black Bay 41

Tudor Black Bay 41 is not a novelty per se. But as mentioned in the first paragraph, it a watch the offers the pleasures and quality of Tudor in a package attractive for any gender or age. That makes it interesting for anyone in search of a reliable, recognisable but still affordable watch. So it will always be a relevant watch.

Tudor Black Bay 41

Before going into  details, we can have a look at the hands-on video:

The 41 – in steel case

How can a classic case be recognisable? Tudor knows how. It stays in the lines, in the curves, in the overall design.

Tudor Black Bay 41

The Ref. M79540-0004 comes in a 41 mm steel case with a polished case band the extends its finish onto the nicely extended curved lugs. A polished chamfer brings a delicate elegant note to the entire design. The chamfer is accentuated towards the finish, to add dramatism but also to make the lugs more refined.

Ref. M79540-0004

The front of the lugs was covered with a brushing: deep enough to make the brush stroke visible, but smooth enough to keep a nice-to-touch surface. The inclined, raised bezel has a highly polished finish that will mirror everything.

Tudor Black Bay 41

One of the key signatures of the Tudor Black Bay 41 is the crown. The relative flat crown is embossed with the Tudor rose motif. An interesting design element is the black anodised aluminium winding crown tube, well visible in the pictures and videos. Instead of being a simply required by necessity piece, the crown tube becomes part of the watch’s design and interesting details, while assuring the functional aspect (the crown is a screw-in type for water tightness reasons).

Tudor Black Bay 41

The integrated bracelet

Tudor Black Bay 41 Ref. M79540-0004 is fitted with a 3-links steel bracelet. The sides are polished while the large areas are vertically brushed. The integration is well realised but there is no news that Tudor has properly integrated bracelets.

Tudor Black Bay 41 Ref. M79540-0004

The steel bracelet has a folding clasp with a safety lock. The Tudor “shield” was smoothly integrated into the functional component. The bracelet is comfortable, does not bring excessive weight to the experience.  For those not so into bracelet watches, the Tudor Black Bay 41 is also offered on a leather strap with a folding clasp and safety catch or black fabric strap with buckle.

Tudor Black Bay 41

Distinct dial elements

But the most loved and desired Tudor elements can be found on the dial. Simple, well proportioned and nicely decorated, the dial of the Tudor Black Bay 41 is another key element for the brand.

Tudor Black Bay 41

The background is a lovely shade of blue decorated with a silver printed Tudor logo and name of the brand, on top, and the automatic marking on the lower side of the dial. We also find as printing the minute/seconds outer register.

Tudor Black Bay 41

The watch uses large applied hour indexes: eight circular, three rectangular and one triangular, all generously filled with SuperLuminova. This arrangement is a standard for Black Bay that can be traced up in the brand’s history  – the “Commando” project that will lead to the Tudor Black Bay P01 model.

Tudor Black Bay 41

Another heritage element on the face of the Tudor Black Bay 41 is the snowflake hands, dating back to 1969, used in the military watches. The snowflake style was reused by the brand starting with 2009, and from 2012 in the Heritage Black Bay. These dials and hands configurations are to most treasured Tudor features.

Tudor Black Bay 41

As mentioned before, the dial makes use of generously applied SuperLuminova. The legibility is excellent and offers not only easy time readout but also a luminescent spectacle. And to be assured that the glow is real and not a photographic enhancement, just check the wrist shot below made in the evening.

Tudor Black Bay 41

What makes Black Bay 41 tick?

Tudor stated in the official press releases the Calibre T600. Die-hard fans of the brand know that T600 was until recently the personalised Calibre ETA 2824-2. Due to the availability of the ETA movements, or better said lack of it for those outside the SWATCH group, Tudor had to use another movement, the Sellita SW200-1. Both movements are very similar in technical specifications: both 4 Hz, both 38 hours of power reserve.

Tudor Black Bay 41

The solid steel caseback does not reveal what is behind it. But rest assured that the quality of the movement had not suffered. The only “advantage” brought by the ETA version is the long history of the calibre. The SW200-1 version from Sellita is the updated (redesigned) version of the calibre (so without the issues of the first generation, that can be also easily solved with a swap of a wheel). The movement is robust, reliable and easily serviceable.

Endnotes and Conclusions

Tudor Black Bay 41 is a complete and versatile collection and offers various sizes and strap/bracelet options to tick many marks. While the 36mm version could be considered the best middle ground for all genders, the 41mm is more of a common territory for the actual times. More and more ladies wear larger simpler watches (wrongfully placed as man only option) while men return to more delicate sizes.

Tudor Black Bay 41

We both tested the watch at the same bracelet length. Diana and other ladies collector ladies I know prefer to wear the bracelet watches a bit looser than the strap fitted counterparts. That meant we can change the watch between us with any issues and we both enjoyed it.

Tudor Black Bay 41

Tudor Black Bay 41 is one of those watches that bring quality in an all-rounder, all day functional piece. With its neutral design, the watch can satisfy the needs of a daily watch, covering the desires for relaxed elegance, but robust and sporty to face your adventurous side.

Tudor Black Bay 41

Another important aspect is the attractive price. Due to the robust and reliable sourced movement, the watch can have a lower price point with the assurance of an easy and affordable service – a “yes” for a watch intended for years of happiness. And for these characteristics, it is a common favourite for ladies and gents.

Tudor Black Bay 41

Tudor Black Bay 41 Ref. M79540-0004 Technical Specifications and Price

Reference M79540-0004


  • Self-winding mechanical movement, Calibre T600
  • Power Reserve: Power reserve of approximately 38 hours


  • 41 mm steel case with polished and satin finish
  • Winding Crown: Steel screw-down winding crown, with the TUDOR rose in relief, with black anodised aluminium winding crown tube
  • Waterproofness: Waterproof to 150 m (500 ft)
  • Bezel: Smooth steel bezel with a polished finish
  • Crystal: Sapphire crystal


  • Blue
  • Vintage snowflake hands


  • Steel bracelet with satin finish, with folding clasp and safety catch


  • 2.840 €

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  1. Nice review. Can you tell me what is the weight of the BB41 on the bracelet?

    1. Author

      Hi Jens,

      Thank you for your kind words. I don’t know the weight in grams. But considering other 41mm bracelet watches, it is on the light side. I will ask Tudor for you.


      1. Author

        Hi Tim,

        Glad to hear you enjoy your watch. It is a very versatile and cute piece. 🙂


  2. Hi there,
    Thank you for doing such an excellent, honest and comprehensive review of this time piece. It is the best one available on the web presently.
    I am planning to add this beautiful watch as the first entry luxury Swiss piece my modest collection.
    My only hesitation, is that there have been many reports of the lime being quite poor. For me, it is critical that I can still check the time during the night. As you are aware some watches really light up when charged but then fade to the point of non-legibility within a few hours. I welcome your thoughts, views. I don’t need perfection but absolutely need to still be able to read the hands on the dial at 03:00hrs in the morning!

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Author

      Hi Christian,

      Tudor is not the most strong in lume out there. I’ve geard there are some super strong lume on the Seiko lines. But, if for you is important the light and longevity, search for a watch with C3 Super-LumiNova (the brightest). Luminox is also an option…

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