Girard-Perregaux Laureato 42mm Chronograph Ref. 81020-11-131-11

Wondering Tuscany wristed with Girard-Perregaux Laureato Chronograph 42mm

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I have reviewed the Girard-Perregaux Laureato Chronograph 42mm two weeks ago. I promised that I will come back with a lifestyle/vacation report. Just like the review of the Laureato 42mm three-hands that was split in two: the product style descriptive review and the lifestyle-oriented review. The Laureato Chronograph is an amazing piece that joined me on my Tuscany vacation. All the images are tourist pictures: no staged photos, no special lighting. Just vacation photos focused on the wristwatch. Enjoy! 

Laureato Chronograph 42mm
One of my favourite regions in the world, Tuscany offers art in the most unexpected places. Even the smallest village has some art pieces.

Nights with Janis Joplin and Laureato Chronograph in Tuscany

A remote village, somewhere in Tuscany. We searched for a pizzeria on Google Maps. How bad can it be? Not bad… Maybe not extraordinary, but definitively not bad. It opens at 7 pm. Used to German style, that seems to be late. But in Italy, there is no chance to eat earlier. Eating is the latest enjoyable moment of the day. Must be respected, must be treasured – you never know what the next day will bring. So you must enjoy the evening.

Waiting for food is a social experience

At La Taverna Di Ciccino, everyone enjoys a glass of wine. Wating for the food is not a painful process. People don’t hurry to eat. First, they must relax, leave the day in the past. You can wait an hour until the pizza is served. Not because it needs an hour to be ready. But because Giovani (have no idea what was the owner’s name, but I generically named him so) and his wife have to be sure that you are enjoying the evening and you are ready to eat. The Italian locals taste life in a way that most of us don’t understand. There, life passes in other ways as in the big cities. Nobody hurries in the way the modern world does…

At a corner table with ten elderly women, someone opens a champagne. The cork is flying around like a bird escaped from the cage for the first time, not knowing where to go… All the guests are laughing. People start to sing Tanti Auguri a te! (happy birthday!). Everyone sings. People sing and applaud. Some even click their glasses with the celebrated. She thanks graciously everyone. The moment melted my heart.

Not Italian songs but rock ballads

You can hear the music. Old rock. The good old rock. Giovani sings. His duet with Janis devasted my heart. Listening to Janis was always a very personal and intimate experience. I never liked when someone sang along. Not even myself. But Giovani had a pure heart. He understood Janis and resonated with her. It was the first time when I enjoyed it. And there is Giovani, an old man, sitting in his 45°C kitchen and singing ballads like a rock superstar.

In one evening, coming back to the hotel, a deer just stopped in front of the car. The sinuous roads of Italy bring quite often this kind of surprises. It stood there, looking around. And calmly left. Just like the people, in no hurry. Life is too beautiful to hurry it.

Searching for the meaning of life

Life has other meaning in those places. You must go and live there, even for a short moment, to understand it. And if you go there and you don’t understand it, then your place is not there. You made the trip for nothing.

Last but not least – the perfect vacation wrist companion

I realised during the writing of the article, that telling the story of the entire Tuscan experience will need much more than a long article. I can write an entire novel from my last Italian experience.

The focus of this article still remains the Laureato Chronograph. Even only in pictures. I can easily say that it was a genuine pleasure to have it on my wrist during all these experiences. I even used the chronograph several times. Sometimes for fun, sometimes on more serious situations. I can say that the Laureato Chronograph was a useful vacation tool in Tuscany. And I can surely affirm that the watch is a great daily companion. Excellent wrist position, reliable, robust and very good looking.

Maybe you can find other pieces for the price, but Laureato has a class of his own. Wearing this watch, one never feels under or over-dressed. It is so versatile.

Below, a hands-on video of the chronograph functionality with slow motion:

Let the pictures do the talking

The article will continue only with captions for the images. Click on the images for full view and description. Enjoy!

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