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Write your own adventure! The SeaQ Chronograph celebrates its premiere

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Every day can be the start of something great – an adventure just waiting to be experienced. For all who can hardly wait to see what lies around the next bend in the road, today Glashütte Original presents a companion as enterprising as it is stylish: the SeaQ Chronograph. This modern mechanical “time-writer” is the first diver’s watch from Glashütte Original with short-term measurement. As such, this latest addition to the Spezialist Collection is well equipped for whatever exciting turns your life may take. The time has come: write your own adventure!

Up for adventure

Whether it’s a moment of silence in untouched nature or the euphoria after completing a successful ascent: people who want to feel the elements with all their senses are drawn irresistibly to the outdoors. The new SeaQ Chronograph is dedicated to this desire for adventure and tailored to meet the needs of the modern explorer.

 Glashütte Original SeaQ Chronograph

When we forget everything around us, it goes on counting the seconds with unshakeable precision; it measures the time of our personal best performance, and it reminds us at a glance to return to the surface in plenty of time. It’s a timepiece and a style statement, a training partner and a guide – but above all it’s the reliable timekeeper of our own, uniquely individual adventure, reminding us every day that life is happening now.

 Glashütte Original SeaQ Chronograph

A stylish sparring partner

But the new SeaQ Chronograph is not only an off-road companion, it’s an experience in itself – Glashütte Original‘s watchmakers and designers have made sure of it, down to the tiniest detail. The premiere model’s favourite hue is dark blue: the colour of the skies and the sea, it emanates clarity and calm. The striking stainless steel case is finely crafted and rests easily on the wrist, smooth and cool.

 Glashütte Original SeaQ Chronograph

It’s held firmly and comfortably in place by the owner’s strap of choice: a classic stainless steel link bracelet, a dark blue rubber strap or one of the high-quality grey or blue synthetic fabric straps made from recycled fishnets. The refined ticking of the Calibre 37-23 automatic movement delivers the perfect rhythm, even when travelling well off the beaten track.

 Glashütte Original SeaQ Chronograph

A world of experience

Just like its wearer, the SeaQ Chronograph has no trouble rising above apparent obstacles. Can it withstand the pressure of a dive beneath the surface? With water resistance up to 30 bar (300 m), no problem. Magnetism? The movement’s silicon balance spring is clearly unimpressed.

 Glashütte Original SeaQ Chronograph

Challenge your own best time again? Thanks to its flyback function, this chronograph is ready to go anytime. The new SeaQ Chronograph is a permanent invitation to explore time and space with your eyes wide open – and the ideal companion for explorers of everyday life today.

 Glashütte Original SeaQ Chronograph

The new SeaQ Chronograph is available as of October 2022 from all Glashütte Original Boutiques and authorised retailers worldwide.

About Glashütte Original
Glashütte Original upholds the values of authentic manufactory production and can look back on an uninterrupted history that began in 1845. Located in the Saxon town of Glashütte, the manufactory brings traditional craftsmanship and innovative technologies together under one roof. The tradition-rich brand produces up to 95 percent of all movement components as well as the filigree dials in-house, and represents the German art of watchmaking at its best.

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