BEAUREGARD & Vianney Halter Ulysse
When Haute Joaillerie meets Haute Horlogerie
An Exclusive Series of 10 Pieces

BEAUREGARD & Vianney Halter present ‘Ulysse’

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In a collaboration that marks a first in the brand’s history, Beauregard, under the creative leadership of its founder Alexandre Beauregard, joins forces with master watchmaker Vianney Halter to present the brand’s inaugural men’s watch: Ulysse.

BEAUREGARD & Vianney Halter Ulysse

Combining the artistic signature and technical mastery of the two creators, Ulysse, recognizable at first glance, emerge as a unique and unconventional work in the watchmaking realm.

More than a watch, Ulysse is a work of art on the wrist, an aesthetic inspiration by the Art Deco school and the organic beauty of the marine universe, showcasing Aqua Marines of perfect clarity. The fruit of several years of research and a three-year development phase, Ulysse is the result of personal introspection and prodigious technical mastery.

BEAUREGARD & Vianney Halter Ulysse

An odyssey of friendship and horology

This collaboration between Alexandre Beauregard and Vianney Halter, which originated at Baselworld in 2019, reveals a shared vision of watchmaking as an art form in its own right. Alexandre Beauregard, with a decade dedicated to women’s floral collections, join forces with Vianney Halter, recognized for his avant-garde approach, in the creation of an unexpected watch that blends organic beauty with mechanical precision.

Ulysses is a work of love and the testimony of a creative journey where technique and aesthetics converge to forge an exceptional art piece. The encounter with Vianney, a larger-than-life character animated by a whimsical spark and perpetual youthfulness, deeply resonated with Alexandre Beauregard: “It was an instant connection with a kindred spirit.”

Vianney Halter. A name that resonates powerfully in the world of independent watchmaking, not only as a watchmaker-creator but also as a visionary who has pushed the boundaries of innovation and been crowned three times at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. The inventor of watches with advanced complications, Halter has left a mark on the industry with the famous ANTIQUA, his first creation, launched in 1998, the only one of its kind in the world, a perpetual calendar arranged in a scattered manner on the case. Vianney Halter also created the OPUS 3 for Harry Winston, released in 2003, and the ANNIVERSARY, a limited edition marking the 20th anniversary of his creations, released in 2018; it is the first watch with the VH122 calibre. He then captivated the watchmaking world with the DEEP SPACE TOURBILLON, launched in 2013, making him a living legend in the world of independent watchmaking. This is a central tourbillon with 3 axes. As the inventor of watches with advanced complications, Halter has more recently made his mark on the industry with the DEEP SPACE RESONANCE, a 3-axis tourbillon equipped with 2 resonant balances, created in 2021.

For Alexandre Beauregard, who has created his own aesthetic universe in watchmaking and jewelry based on a mastery of lapidary art “working with Vianney Halter has been pure joy.”

BEAUREGARD & Vianney Halter Ulysse

Singular concept, exclusive design

Ulysse immediately captures attention with the boldness of its dial, a Beauregard hallmark. originating from a creative concept of a stained glass with precious stones in which the lead is replaced by Gold, the captivating work of the gems with its 68 miniature components of Aqua Marines selected for their purity and delicate color, meticulously hand-cut and nestled within an intricately laid gold lacework of fascinating finesse.

Each stone, patiently shaped and fitted by hand in the brand’s Montreal workshop, reflects light in a unique way thanks to a disk of mother-of-pearl cleverly positioned beneath the stone. This creates a play of light that further enhances the artistry in the applied technique. The hands, off-set and curved to follow the arch of the dial, appear to dance above this exquisite mosaic of light.

For Beauregard, each detail embodies a world unto itself, from the design to the meticulous hand-finishing of every component that grants each watch its distinctive signature. The dial’s lines seamlessly flow onto the case, elegantly shaped with subtle waves, evoking a sense of natural movement and radiant fluidity.

BEAUREGARD & Vianney Halter Ulysse

The unusual degree of finishing and decoration of a Vianney Halter movement

A measure of the implicit trust that underpins this collaboration, Vianney gave Alexandre free rein to lavishly dress and decorate his famous mysterious automatic movement that celebrates 20 years of Vianney Halter watchmaking creations.

The choice of maillechort, a noble alloy favoured over brass for its superior quality, exemplifies Halter’s dedication to the longevity of his creations. It not only ensures the watch’s durability but also that it can be easily maintained – a mark of all the care and respect such an exceptional object deserves.

The calibre’s innovative design is highlighted by a patented ‘invisible’ rotor that allows for an unobstructed view of its intricate inner workings.

With a power reserve of 56 hours, its ingenious architecture allows for the addition of extra modules. For the Beauregard Ulysse watch, this translated into a reinvention of the time display. Here, the hour and minute hands rotate not from the centre.

Several months of meticulous planning, drawing, and prototyping went into adapting the movement. The fluid aesthetic achieved reverberates throughout: from the bridges whose shape celebrates the rhythm of the tides, to the 30 clear sapphire jewels for chromatic homogeneity, and back to the rounded anglage on each wheel – all the visible hand-finished details play off each other. This work of love transformed Vianney’s movement into a distinctive heart that beats only for the Beauregard watch.

Impossible not to mention Dzevad, who, from his workshop in Sainte-Croix, machined the extravagant components, and Philippe Narbel, who, with his team at Manufactor in L’Abbaye, masterfully decorated the components by hand.

The 41mm case in 18K rose gold, with its domed sapphire, engraved screw-down back with gold engraving highlighted in blue lacquer, and a crown adorned with an Aquamarine, is fitted with a sober, stitchless chestnut alligator strap. It is water resistant to 3 ATM (30 meters). The ‘quick release’ interchangeable strap system, together with the rose gold pin buckle, follows through with the creator’s unparalleled attention to detail.

Ultimately, the creation of Ulysse is a human adventure, a journey among friends, weaving together the bonds of friendship and the art of watchmaking.

BEAUREGARD & Vianney Halter Ulysse

BEAUREGARD & Vianney Halter Ulysse Technical Specifications

A limited series of 10 pieces, each at a retail price of CHF 110,000, excluding VAT
Entirely made and assembled in Switzerland
Official launch at Watches & Wonders 2024


  • Hours, minutes


  • Self-winding
  • Designed, developed and manufactured by Vianney Halter in his Sainte-Croix workshop
  • Decorated and finished under the creative impulse of Alexandre Beauregard
  • Frequency of 21,600 Alt/h.
  • 56-hour power reserve
  • 30 transparent functional rubies
  • Entirely made and assembled in Switzerland


  • 18K Rose Gold
  • Domed sapphire with anti-reflective coatings on both sides
  • Water-resistant to 3 ATM (30 meters)
  • Entirely made and assembled in Switzerland


  • 18K Rose Gold lacework
  • 68 Aquamarine components of flawless quality
  • Entirely made in our Montreal’s workshop and assembled in Switzerland

Strap & Buckle:

  • Chestnut alligator, stitchless
  • 18K Rose Gold pin buckle

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